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Bio: Robert Cole was born at Redhill General Hospital just in time to see England win the 1966 World Cup. He grew up with six brothers and sisters. Home was pretty suburban but backed on deciduous woods and open farmland. Robert attended Reigate Grammar School, read English Language and Literature at the University of Hull and took a diploma in Newspaper Journalism at The City University, London, in 1989. Robert has worked as a financial journalist at The Independent, The London Evening Standard, The Times and Reuters. At The Times, Robert worked mostly in the business section but also as a leader writer, book reviewer, lifestyle features writer, home news and chief obituaries writer. In 2015, he won a Reuters’ Journalist of the Year Award. He led the financial journalism specialism at The City University in London for ten academic years between 1995 and 2007 and from 2011 to 2015. He was given an honorary visiting fellowship at The City University in 2008. Before moving to Brockley, London SE4, in 1999, Robert lived in Stoke Newington, Highgate and Hertford. His wife is called Emma. He has four children: Beth, Jojo, Maurice and Tilly. Robert likes to walk, read, write, garden, take photographs, watch some sport, go to the theatre, cook and muck about with the family. He also has a thing about post boxes; he calls it Trollopsarianism.

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